Grocery Store Facebook Management and Reputation Management

Grocery Store Facebook Management

STAND ALONE SERVICE: Grocery store Facebook Management is only $29.12 a week! Month to Month / No Contract. We keep your customers engaged.  We keep them coming back and they buying more by using engaging, targeted, and compelling posts.  Have questions? Call 844-446-7476. We start posting and engaging your customers immediately.

Grocery Store Facebook Management. We work with ALL Independently Owned Grocery Stores.   We customize the look and feel of your Facebook page to your store.  Our posts are professionally designed to get attention every day.

Your customers are on Facebook talking about and reading about everything!  Your grocery store is a part of the conversation on a daily basis.  You want to be able to proactively take care of what is posted and respond appropriately to customer needs, feedback, suggestions, requests, and the occasional complaint.

Facebook Reputation Management

Occasionally you get a disgruntled customer. If you don’t address them immediately, they can spread social germs that can grow into an unpleasant mess and potentially damage your business and prevent others from doing business with you.  We take care of this for you.  We provide them with useful content every day that they love!  We communicate with them for you in very positive and uplifting ways.  We handle their complaints immediately, revert them to private messaging (thus eliminating public eyes), and address their needs in a manner that is beneficial to both parties.

What do we post on a daily basis?

We make you look great every day! Here are some examples:

  • We take products from your weekly circular and showcase them each day with recipes attached to them.  They in turn buy more from you because of the additional items in the recipe.
  • Special deals you have on certain items.
  • Informative articles such as “58 Exciting Uses For Coca-Cola That May Not Know!” and “How to make buttermilk out of Milk and Lemon Juice” etc.
  • We post coupons for some stores that allow use of them.
  • Funny comics, photos, and videos that are grocery related.
  • Current events that you may be sponsoring or hosting.
  • Daily menu items from your deli.
  • and much more.