The benefits to a Grocery Store Loyalty Program

Look at the power of our grocery store loyalty program driven through website sign up. Based on our talks with grocery stores the avg ticket is around 30.00. Use your store’s avg ticket amount when using the table below.
Email Subscribers Extra Visits Per Year Average Ticket Additional Revenue
100 3 $30.00 $9000.00
250 3 $30.00 $22,500.00
500 3 $30.00 $45,000.00
1000 3 $30.00 $90,000.00

grocery-loyalty-programA grocery store loyalty program that signs up 500 subscribers would yield a 3500% ROI if you only bring those customers back 3 more times during one year. This invaluable to you through both purchases and customer loyalty.

The First Step

  1. The email sign up is on your website.
  2. Visitors sign up to receive your weekly ad and specials, or win a shopping spree or other offer.
  3. Data is collected and stored on your website’s back end control panel.
  4. The weekly ad email is automatically sent to their email alerting them to your specials that week.

Ideas for how names and emails are gathered

  • The stores can give every cashier a stack of cards, leaflets, or anything else with the website name on it.  The cashier gives every customer the website and says “Receive an email when our new ad is posted on our website” “Win a $100 shopping spree.”  “Just go to our website and sign up.” etc. Or place a sign or notice with the information at the register or on the customer’s way out.
  • The stores can have a sign up sheet at every register that is faxed to us once each is completed.
  • The visitors that find the website online via search engines etc. will see the sign up area.
  • Your website can be placed on every in store ad that is designed with a call to action box about signing up.
  • If you need more ideas to gain subscribers we have plenty.

The final step

This program not only gains customers for the ads, specials, or drawing, but the main benefit is the database is available to use to market to your customers through the website.

The program is then utilized to run other drawings, ask for signups to get the weekly ad, ask for signups to get the weekly or monthly specials, or any other means to get visitors to sign up.

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